So you want to partner, JV or something like that.

Ok, over the past 10 years I’ve done an assortment of partnership, JV and work for equity projects.

Some have been successful, some never got going, a few I’ve walked away from when I’ve realised that it wasn’t for me.

So from these experiences I have created a set of personal guidelines.

  1. I require a 50% share minimum. I will start at 100% and I will go for a controlling interest.
  2. You (The partner) will provide a business plan with timelines and costings.
  3. No work begins without contracts. You will be responsible for all legals, tax and regulatory matters.
  4. Contracts will be for no more than 3 months with clear performance targets and wind up clauses for not meeting targets.
  5. Your offer is of more value to you than to me. You need me for the project, I do not need the project.
  6. I have very clear life goals and live to a 10 year plan. I will not divert from these plans.
  7. I try to live my perfect day every day. I will not make life style changes to accommodate your vision or work expectations.
  8. I will not engage in the role of an employee. I am not your IT guy, office minding guy, spill over person.
  9. My time will be valued at no less than $500 per hour. If payment is deferred, you will be liable for payment eventually.
  10. Your ideas are valueless, the money is in the implementation.

So you think you can work with that,

Bring it on…